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Vertical Challenge LLC

The Vertical Challenge adds a whole new level of excitement to a family’s day at the slopes – for free. Skiers and snowboarders of every age and ability level participate in casual, though competitive, races at various northeast ski areas. In addition to the racing, everybody enjoys the festival atmosphere, as our friendly crew hosts fun, family-friendly activities to make your day at the Vertical Challenge the most fun you’ve ever had in the snow. The key attributes of the VC are:
• Free access for casual skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities to compete in a race where they may never have otherwise had a chance to do so.
• Fun, family-friendly event series.
• Gives consumers an opportunity to receive great prizes at no cost.
• Gives moms and dads the extra resources they need and want to make a difference in their child’s life.
• Gives racers a chance to feel like an Olympic athlete.

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